Don’t Let Memphis Be Set Back

The Memphis City Council and Shelby County Commission are considering a legally flawed zoning code amendment that would require any piping that moves petroleum to be 1,500 feet (more than a quarter-mile) away from schools, places of worship, parks and residential areas.

This ill-conceived amendment would impact:

·      Gas stations used to fuel up Memphians’ vehicles every day

·      Jet fuel storage facilities at the airport

·      Hospitals who use piping for permanent power generators

·      Fuel storage at logistic companies, like trucking hubs

·      Refinery operations that supply over 500 jobs and gas to eight states

Stop this local government overregulation before existing jobs are lost and Memphis’ economic future is put in jeopardy by increasing energy costs for local residents.

Tell the Shelby County Board of Commissioners to vote NO on this amendment!