Protect Memphis Jobs!

The Memphis City Council is about to pass a hastily-written underground energy storage and transportation ordinance that will negatively impact local businesses and good-paying jobs.

If Ordinance 5782 is passed, it will:

  • Harm local businesses and hinder economic growth. Many local businesses have existing underground infrastructure. If this ordinance passes, business growth could be stifled and jobs could be lost.
  • Compromise safety. Existing underground storage tanks and pipelines require routine maintenance to ensure safety for the community. Making pipelines and storage tanks inaccessible could put the health and safety of the community at risk.
  • Discourages future development. This ordinance places overly burdensome and legally unsupportable red tape in the way of entities hoping to invest in the area.

Tell the City Council to vote NO on Ordinance 5782!

To learn more about Ordinance 5782 and the coalition against it visit the About Page.